7-Day & 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge

A 7-Day Intentional Living Challenge with John C. Maxwell

My friend, mentor, and business partner John C. Maxwell has unveiled two of the most powerful video mentoring programs ever launched based on his new book, “Intentional Living: Choosing a Life that Matters”. By being connected with me on this blog, you are one of the FIRST group of people outside of his coaching team to hear…

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Reflect and Reconnect

Lost Your Way? Regain Focus in 4 Simple Steps

Do you find yourself struggling to stay committed to your priorities? Have you lost your way but cannot get yourself to realign your efforts to what matters most? If you find yourself in such situation, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not alone. It happens to the best of us. With all the noise…

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how to achieve goals and success


Soccer World Cup fever is at an all time high with the first match of the round of 16th playing today. The teams in this world cup could not be more different but yet have one thing is common – to score goals and win every match for the trophy. Now, imagine if the teams…

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Behaviors of a Dysfunctional Leader

Behaviors of a Dysfunctional Leader – 4 Things Your Team Hates About You

Most leaders would love to have a great relationship with their teams or subordinates but fail to develop this relationship because of some behaviors based on simple errors in judgment. Leaders with the following 4 behaviors are usually unaware of their detrimental impact on their teams. And so team productivity and morale plummet to the…

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Which kind of leader are you?

Which kind of leader are you?

Which kind of leader are you? As you may know by now, I have worked as a consultant for much of my professional life. Over the past 4 years, however, I have been moving more and more towards training and coaching Business Leaders, IT Managers and Project Leaders. My work as a consultant have taken me to several major…

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Simon Sinek at 99U

The Cost of Leadership – Have you paid it?

People love positions of leadership because they usually come with perks and some level of prestige. However, perks and prestige does not make a leader. To become a leader – an effective leader, you have to bear in mind that the true cost of leadership is self-interest. Without this awareness and the willingness to sacrifice the self for…

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Excellence Doesn't Happen by Accident

Are You Living In Your Sweet Spot?

My friend and mentor Scott Fay wrote a paradigm shifting book that I think will help you become more intentional in your quest to lead with intent – whether you're leading yourself, others or an organization. Below is an excerpt from the book that I think you'll enjoy. —— The Sweet Spot is the convergence of…

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Mistakes of goal setting

5 Common Mistakes of Goal Setting and How to Avoid Them – Teleseminar

Have you acheived all the goals you had set for yourself in 2013? Both personally or professionally? What would your life be like today if you had achieved those goals?  What prevented you from achieving them? If you're like most people, at the beginning of every year you engage yourself in goal setting exercise. However, by the…

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Nelson Mandela, Freedom Fighter

Tribute to a Legend – Nelson Mandela

"When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace…" ~Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela, the former South African president after spending about two decades in prison,  spoke those words at the end of his presidency over the country he sacrificed much of his life for.…

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LiveWebcast with John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey and Nick Vujicic

Special Guests for Live Webcast with John Maxwell – Dave Ramsey and Nick Vujicic

This is getting better and better. We've just got confirmation that Nick Vujick and Dave Ramsey will be joining us together with John Maxwell on the October 18th Webcast. Save the date or clear you calendar to join us. It's one of those calls that you don't want to miss. Get Free Access Now.   Sometimes You…

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