4 Reasons You Should Strive to Be the Best at What You Do

Be your best!

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My friend and mentor John Maxwell usually says that people don’t pay for average.  His statement carries a lot more weight today than it did years ago.  The main reason is that people have a lot more choices today than any other time in history.  New advances in technology and the internet have allowed people to access better research data and connect to several individuals and businesses that provide the services they need.  Unless you’re one of the best in your field, it’s going to be very difficult to stand out, attract new clients  and keep current ones.  With rating systems and accessible user comments through the web, it has become much easier for people to find out the level of service provided by anyone or any business.

On an individual level and in addition to the benefits mentioned below, you will also have a feeling of fulfillment knowing that you are working at being your best and adding great value.  Below are 5 reasons that you should strive to be the best at what you do whether it be on an individual level or business.

1.     People are willing to pay you more
Being the best at what you do affords you the luxury of charging more than the average person or business would charge for services rendered.  I read an article last week about someone who had an issue his grass and bypassed well-known stores like Lowes and Home Depot to go to a specialty shop where he was certain to receive the right advice and guidance.  Thus he was willing to ignore the premium price he knew he was going to pay.  If you provide more value than anyone else, you are sure to receive higher compensation for your service, usually proportionate to the value added.

 2.     You don’t have to spend too much money on marketing
The most effective way to market yourself and your services is by being your best and providing excellent value to others.  If you put passion in what you do and give your clients quality service, people will start talking about you.  This, in turn, will start a referral process that will give you more clients than you could ever imagine.  The time and efforts you spend improving yourself or your product to make it the best will be the best marketing investments you’ll ever make.  With the introduction of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and several others, the effects of providing great value will simply multiply.

3.     Clients will find you
When you provide great service and value, you are automatically creating brand ambassadors. Since people will be talking about how you are the best at what you and the level of service you provide, people who need your services will start looking for you. Craig Valentine, a world champion in public speaking says, “If you’re at the top of one mountain, you can easily be seen from all of the other mountains.”  The trap to avoid here, however, becoming complacent think you have arrived and do not need to improve yourself or your product.  You have to be constantly engaged in a growth and improvement process because if you want to remain the best, you have to always strive to get better.

4.     Displacing self-limiting beliefs
As you strive to be even better than you currently are, you will achieve more.  As you test your limits, your horizon will expand and a whole new world will open up to you.  Think about it this way, every time you achieve, your mind expands and as your mind expands, you’ll achieve more.  What’s really happening in this process is that your horizon – your vision – expands.  Many things you thought were impossible starts to look achievable.

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