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About Leading With Intent / Intentional Living

Leading with Intent / Intentional Living is about leading yourself and others with purpose and on purpose. We focus on leadership and personal development to help leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals develop their leadership and communication skills so they can build strong cohesive teams to break through barriers holding them and their teams back without burning themselves out in the process.

Being intentional means carefully selecting, on a daily basis, the activities that you will perform, the task you will complete, the thoughts you meditate on, the people you surround yourself with and the attitude you choose to display.  If you don’t take control of your life and do the things that matters most, someone else or something else will.  And you may not like where you end up. By being intentional we are putting ourselves on a path that will take us to new heights and the fulfillment of our dreams. When we do the contrary – not being intentional about our daily activities and thoughts – by default we are placing a lid on our potential.

Life contains a series of learning moments that you certainly cannot not miss if you practice the principles of intentional living –  leading yourself and others with intention.

In order to add some value to you, I will use this website to:

  1. Share with you life and leadership principles that have positively impacted my life
  2. Inform you of resources that I have used that can further help you in your quest for growth and intetntional living
  3. Incite you to take intentional actions and positively change your life

Most of the articles will have actionable steps to help you in your intentional living quest.  As I study, research and apply the laws and principles that I will be sharing with you on this blog, my hope is that you will join me on a growth journey by studying with me advanced principles of success and leadership while taking some time to reflect on your life, set some goals and creating an action plan that will take you closer to where you envision your life to be.

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