Four Corner Posts to High Performance – Virtual Seminar on Thursday, 8/30 at NOON

Life is hard, our success is not guaranteed. We are constantly bombarded with new demands by others around us at work, home and in our community.  If we are not truly clear on our purpose in life, the direction we should be traveling, we will not end up where we want to land; but where others have forced us to travel.

In “The 4 Corner Posts to High Performance”, you will learn how to create your own high-performance life and business. “The 4 Corner Posts” will be your new GPS for high-performance and action toward fulfilling your life’s goals.  The lessons you learn on this call will help you set your life on the right path.

SPECIAL NOTE: I’m hosting this month’s virtual seminar at NOON (12:00 pm ET) on Thursday 8/30 instead of the usual time due to a conflicts.

Join us on Thursday, August 30th at 12:00 PM ET by clicking on this link or type this link in your address bar:

About the Presenter:

Mike Harbour’s purpose is to IGNITE a leadership revolution by LIFTing dissatisfied people higher in purpose, excellence and action!  He has been a business leader since March 2006, survived the Great Recession and continued to grow his business and his reach through his partnership with John C Maxwell and the members of the John Maxwell Team.

Prior to joining the John Maxwell Team, Mike spent the last 20 years in the healthcare industry as a leader in hospital operations, sales, talent management and executive search.  He has a degree in Health Services Management and trained in leadership while serving in the United States Army as an Army Soldier/Officer.

As an Entrepreneur, Mike leads 3 service oriented business lines in the Talent Management and Training marketplace. He is a Headhunter, Coach, Speaker and Trainer of Leadership and High-performance principles.

You can learn more about Mike at

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About The Author

Michael Charles - Certified Coach, Teacher, Speaker with the John Maxwell Team

A founding partner with the John Maxwell Team, I help leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals develop their leadership and communications skills to build strong, cohesive teams and break through barriers holding them and their teams back without burning themselves out.