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Here's What You'll Discover in This Mini-Course

  • Lesson 1 - Setting the Intention...

    Personal Growth is NOT a natural process in most people’s lives. In order to grow you have to understand and set your intention to grow. This is your starting point

  • Lesson 2 - Seven Growth Gap Traps Keeping You Stuck

    Identify the 7 Growth Gap Traps most people face that prevent them from growing and learn how to bridge that gap.

  • Lesson 3 - How To Make The Transition To Intentional Growth

    Start your transition into intentional growth with these 4 questions and take the first step toward your transformational journey.

  • Lessons 4 & 5...

    In lesson 4, we explore the “4 Considerations For Growth & The Power of Consistency” and end with the topic, “What’s a rubber-band got to do with it?” in lesson 5.