Lost Your Way? Regain Focus in 4 Simple Steps

Do you find yourself struggling to stay committed to your priorities?

Have you lost your way but cannot get yourself to realign your efforts to what matters most?

If you find yourself in such situation, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not alone. It happens to the best of us.

With all the noise – a constant feed of information and entertainment through social media, advertising, news, being connected 24/7 – we have to contend with on a daily basis, it’s become a challenge to remain focused. Eventually, we find ourselves wandering away from our priorities.

The question is: How do we refocus our efforts back on our priority – the things that matters most to achieving our vision, our success in life and business?

Below are 4 simple steps I have used that have worked really well in helping me to regain focus on my priorities.

  1. Reflect– This is a lost art these days. We’re so busy working and being entertained that we don’t have time to reflect. In fact, our laser focus on work may actually distracts and prevent us from being effective. This step allows you to remove yourself from all the noise to re-evaluate how you’re using your time and efforts. Reflection will help you to recalland reconnect with your original vision and goals.
  2. Reject– As you reflect on activities and re-evaluate your effectiveness, you’ll find there are things that you’re doing thatdo not add much value to your vision and your priorities. Those activities keep you busy but without accomplishing anything of value to you or your organization. Take some time to list those activities on your “Do Not Do” list. Abandon those activities and avoid them like a plague.
  3. Restore– Begin to restore your focus and efforts on activities that are aligned with your top priority – one at a time. You willregain a sense of purpose that will drive you and help you to achieve your goals.
  4. Recognize– Become aware that activity doesn’t always lead to accomplishment. To remainon this plane of consciousness, you have to regularly reflect on how you are spending your time and make the needed corrections. This leads back to #1 above – Reflection.

We are goal-seeking beings just like a heat-seeking missile – constantly assessing and correcting our course to make it to our target. Make this process a habit. Repeat this process weekly if you have to. It will help you remain focused on your vision, priorities and goals.

About The Author

Michael Charles - Certified Coach, Teacher, Speaker with the John Maxwell Team

A founding partner with the John Maxwell Team, I help leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals develop their leadership and communications skills to build strong, cohesive teams and break through barriers holding them and their teams back without burning themselves out.