LiveWebcast with John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey and Nick Vujicic

Special Guests for Live Webcast with John Maxwell – Dave Ramsey and Nick Vujicic

LiveWebcast with John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey and Nick Vujicic

This is getting better and better. We've just got confirmation that Nick Vujick and Dave Ramsey will be joining us together with John Maxwell on the October 18th Webcast. Save the date or clear you calendar to join us. It's one of those calls that you don't want to miss. Get Free Access Now.
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn: The Webcast promises to help you:
  • Transform your losses into gain
  • Stretch your capacity to achieve your dreams
  • Identify problems and turn them into opportunities
  • Overcome the fear of failure 
  • Thursday, October 10th, 2013
  • 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm EDT
  • 90-Minute Duration
  • Viewable on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
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Michael Charles with John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic and Dave Ramsey

For those of you not in the "Leading With Intent Insiders" club, below is…

an email where I shared a little bit of my experience when I met Nick Vujicic this past August in Orland, Florida.

When you stand in the company of someone with no limbs (no arms, no legs) who's living out his potential, all excuses for not living yours go out of the window. That's what happened over the past 5 days where many of us from the John Maxwell team gathered for our semi-annual conference to grow and learn from leaders like John Maxwell, Les Brown, Paul Martinelli and Nick Vujicic.

Imagine spending a week with these folks and a group of passionate people making a difference in the world using their unique gifts and talents… It's the best growth weekend I've experienced and I wish you could be there with me.

Two of my highlights from this experience include watching the movie "Lincoln" with my mentor and friend John Maxwell and listening to Nick Vujicic's story "From a life without limbs to a life without limits".

We spent a day with John Maxwell watching the movie "Lincoln" stopping to discuss the leadership principles and practices on display in each scene. One of the lessons we discussed in the movie is "leaders find a way to win". Lincoln's goal of getting the 13th amendment passed at the time was unpopular and seemingly an impossible task. However, he never lost sight of his values and why he wanted to do it. All the odds were against him but he never waivered in his quest. He found a way to win.

Nick Vujicic shared his story and we couldn't help but be inspired that someone with such physical limitations could overcome his limiting beliefs to live out his potential. His story is inspiration to millions and many lives have changed all around the world because he didn't make excuses.

So, what's your excuse for not living out your potential?

Why are you not performing at the level you know you could?

What's holding your back? Your limiting beliefs? Your inner circle? Or a lack of resources?

If you feel stuck as a leader and have a desire to change your current situation, reach out and connect with me. I've made it my mission to help leaders who are stuck at a level of performance below that they are capable of to lift the lid on their leadership potential and take their performance to new levels.

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